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RMV Valve Trays

RMV60 Valve Trays, 1450mm Ø MeOH Dryer Column
RMV60 Valve Tray

The RMV valves are rectangular shape movable valves used for general and special applications.

Two sizes are used to suit the column diameter:

  • RMV60 - small diameter columns
  • RMV120 - large diameter columns

The rectangular shape offers the following key advantages:

  • maximum open area for high vapour load services
  • variable open area to suit vapour flow
  • higher efficiency due to plug flow

Alternate rows of light valves (1.5mm thick) and heavy valves (2.0mm thick) are used to maximise turndown. Typical operating range is 4 to 1.

Very light valves (1.0mm thick) are used to minimise the (dry) pressure drop.


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