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For safety reasons all distillation columns which are at the heart of any refinery, petrochemical, chemical or gas plant have to be shutdown on a regular basis.

At DtEC we have the answer to reduce your Pressure Vessel Inspection (PVI) Turnaround maintenance costs.

Using our Shutdown Planning & Spares (SPS) Service in conjunction with our meticulous planning and unrivalled knowledge of the "insides of columns" will ensure that your statutory PVI turnarounds are faster and safer with the minimum of downtime.


CNC Programming
CNC Programming

Prior to your shutdown we offer a free service to determine the spares required for each individual column. Detailed reports can be produced using our proven in-house Estimating & CAD programs. The only information required is

Column Diameter
Tray Type
No. of Trays and No. of Passes
Materials of Construction

Alternatively the columns can be "enrolled" from details taken from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) drawings. Once this information has been recorded in our SPS Service column data-base, for subsequent future shutdowns you only have to give the reference and column tag numbers to obtain a detailed recommended list of spares.


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