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Vane Inlet Devices (VID)

2 Tier VID, Nozzle Ø 28"nb, Column Ø 2200mm
2 Tier VID

As with a packed or tray towers, the importance of vapour distribution to the mesh or vane demister cannot be over-stressed.

To achieve the maximum performance from the demister unit, the vapour going through it must be distributed evenly. Mal-distribution will result in poor capacity and efficiency performance.

Where necessary a vane inlet device (VID) should be used offering the following advantages:

VID Diagram
  • Eliminates high liquid loads on the demister

  • Dissipates high inlet gas velocity (momentum)

  • Prevents re-entrainment of liquid droplets from the liquid held in the column sump

  • Provides a uniform gas distribution to the demister

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